Buying A Brand New All-Electric Vehicle? Know These 4 Things

Are you currently planning to buy an all-electric vehicle from your local car dealership? If so, you'll definitely want to know the following things before you finalize your purchase. 

Weather Can Affect An EV's Range

You'll want to be aware that the weather can actually affect how many miles you can get out of an electric vehicle. This is especially true in extremely cold temperatures because the vehicle is using more energy to keep the battery warm so that it can perform properly. A battery cannot operate below a certain temperature threshold, and there is actually a battery heater that's designed to keep the vehicle's battery working. 

Speed Can Affect An EV's Range

You may be familiar with how your gas mileage works in a gas-powered vehicle because you get better gas mileage on the freeway when compared to your local streets. Be aware that the opposite is true of an electric vehicle, where you get better gas mileage at slower speeds. That's because an electric vehicle has to work harder to move the vehicle at a higher speed, and it uses less energy at a lower speed. This can help get more mileage out of a charge if you drive at lower speeds. 

Charge Times Can Vary Based On The Charger

All EV chargers are not created equal, since there are different speeds of charging depending on where you go. You may see these charging stations defined as level 1, 2, or 3, with the latter being the fastest. Those fast charging stations may also go by the name of superchargers. You may need to be more conscious about charging your vehicle more often, and taking advantage of the different charging stations at vehicles while you are at a restaurant, grocery shopping, or doing an activity where your vehicle will be parked for a while. Thankfully, you do not need to be near your vehicle while it is charging. Just make sure to be back by the time it's finished to be courteous to others. 

Tires Are Specialized For EVs 

An electric vehicle is actually heavier than a standard car because of the large battery that it uses. This means that electric vehicles will require a special type of tire designed for that additional weight. It's one thing to keep in mind for when the day comes that you need to change the tires to make sure you are shopping for the right kind.  

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