4 Things To Look At When Buying A Used Vehicle

Are you ready to buy your next vehicle and you've decided on a used car? If so, it raises a lot more questions about the vehicle itself to know you are getting a good vehicle. Here are some things that you want to look out for that can give you an idea about a potential problem.

Evaluate The Paint Job

One way to tell if the vehicle has been in an accident is to look closely at the paint job. This means taking a close look during the day under natural lighting conditions. If you notice that some panels of the car look like they are of better paint quality than another panel, it likely means that the vehicle has been in an accident. It is normal for wear to be even across all panels when a car has not been fixed and painted. 

Evaluate The Tires

You may be buying the vehicle, but it's important to evaluate the tires that come with it as well. Run your hands over the tires to check for a weird wear pattern. Tread should be worn down evenly across the entire tire, with uneven wear meaning that the vehicle has some sort of alignment problem that has caused it. In addition, check the tread depth, since you want to know if you will be replacing the tires soon after buying the vehicle.

Check Under The Hood

There are a few things under the hood that you can quickly inspect to ensure that the vehicle is in good condition. Aluminum parts should be free of any corrosion, and belts should be in good condition and not fraying. The battery should also not look like it is expanding at all and be free of corrosion on the terminals.

Check The Fluids

You can also quickly check the fluids to get a good idea about the vehicle's quality. Transmission fluid is typically a yellow handle, and the fluid should be red, at the right levels, and not have a burning odor to it. Oil levels should also be at the right level and clear in color. Brake fluid levels that are full could mean that the brakes are in good shape or that the brake fluid has been topped off. However, low fluid could mean that the brakes are in need of repair.

These tips should be able to give you a good overview of what condition a used car is in. 

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