Busting 3 Myths About Using An Auto Broker

Auto brokers are a relatively new option for car buyers. These individuals work to find you the vehicle you want and negotiate the best price. Unlike the sales staff at a dealership, brokers work directly for you. As a result, your money goes into hiring an advocate who's on your side instead of working with a salesperson trying to earn a commission.

However, since brokers are still a relatively uncommon option for purchasing a vehicle, many people may have misconceptions about using one. Keep reading to see why three common myths about brokers aren't true and why using one of these individuals may be an excellent idea for your next vehicle purchase.

1. You Need to Be Rich

Every auto broker is unique, and many focus on different aspects of the automotive industry. While some brokers work exclusively in the luxury or exotic markets, many spend their days helping average car buyers. Auto brokers usually charge less than $1000 for their services, so the total cost of using one may be relatively insignificant compared to the overall cost of your vehicle purchase.

It's also important to understand that a broker can save you money. Many brokers conduct nationwide or state-wide searches, allowing them to find vehicles that you may miss. Additionally, they have more contacts in the industry and can even find cars before they hit listing websites. As a result, paying their fee can mean spending less on your car.

2. Brokers Are Only For Rare Cars

Hiring a broker can be an excellent way to find a rare car or locate a used vehicle with a specific set of options. However, these are far from the only purchases where they can help. Even if you're looking for a relatively common vehicle, a broker can help you find one in good condition with low miles, ensuring that you get the best possible example available.

Brokers can also typically work with their dealership contacts to secure you a better deal on these cars. By negotiating on your behalf, they'll save you time and money even if you're purchasing an ordinary family sedan or SUV.

3. You Need to Be Buying Used

Believe it or not, brokers are a valuable ally to have whether you're purchasing a new or used vehicle. While a broker can help you hunt down a used car in excellent condition, they can also smooth over the process of buying a new car. With new car shortages still ongoing, finding the exact new vehicle you want on a dealership lot isn't always easy.

Brokers can save you from traveling between dealerships and settling for a car in the wrong car or without the options you want. By casting a much wider net, they can ensure that you don't need to compromise on your next new or used vehicle purchase. 

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