No Regrets: The Secrets To Building Your Perfect Camper Van

Buying a custom conversion camper van is like building a new house from scratch. Specifying all the details yourself can seem exciting at first, but it can quickly become overwhelming. If you've never owned a conversion van before, you might not know what you will and won't need or if those "nice to have" features are actual necessities.

Making the best decisions early in the process ensures that you get a van that suits your needs perfectly, leaving you with no regrets as you begin your adventures. Fortunately, you don't have to take blind guesses. These three tips will help you design or pick a conversion van to support whatever trips lie ahead of you.

1. Plan Your Kitchen

Kitchens are often one of the most critical parts of a home, and they're just as crucial in a camper van. If you're going to be spending significant amounts of time in your van, you'll need a kitchen that can support you and any family you bring along on your trips. A van kitchen that's undersized, underequipped, or challenging to navigate can leave you frustrated with your wheeled home.

To avoid this, make sure you plan your kitchen based on the meals you expect to cook. Consider the equipment you'll need on-hand for typical meal preparation tasks, as well as the available storage for kitchen tools and utensils. A poor kitchen layout can end up forcing you to spend more on takeout or pre-prepared meals, so it's worthwhile to spend extra time carefully considering this part of your van.

2. Don't Neglect Security

Your van will become your home when you're on the road, and you may end up parking in relatively public places. While no one wants to consider worst-case scenarios, it's worth thinking about what would happen during break-ins when you're not present. Remember that smash-and-grab theft is often about convenience and visibility.

When designing the layout of your van, make sure you have out-of-sight areas you can stash valuables. Ideally, you can also protect those valuables with built-in safes or other forms of protection. While it's nearly impossible to stop a truly dedicated thief, you can prevent most theft simply by making your valuables as inaccessible as possible.

3. Avoid Fads

The popularity of van life means endless fads when it comes to van design, interior layout, and equipment selection. Instead of focusing on these trends, talk with an experienced conversion dealer about critical issues, such as ventilation, flooring, wall coverings, and even furniture. These professionals have seen what does and doesn't work, and they can steer you toward the best options.

While getting into van life can be an exciting adventure, it's not something you should rush. Taking the time to handle this process correctly ensures you'll end up with a van with endless features that you love and few regrets.

For more information on a custom van builder, contact a professional near you.

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