4 Occupant Safety Systems To Look For In Your Next Vehicle

If you frequently transport other people inside of your vehicle, you will want to look for a vehicle that has great occupant safety features that keep everyone, drive and passengers, safe in the event of a crash.

#1: Knee Airbags

When you get into a front-end collision as a driver, your body is going to move forward. As the driver, if your body continues to move forward, it will hit the steering column, which can be painful for your knees. This feature will deploy airbags at knee level when you are involved in a front-end collision.

#2: Inflatable Safety Belt 

The next occupant safety feature you should look for is inflatable safety belts. During normal driving conditions, an inflatable safety belt looks like any other seat belt. Just by looking at it, you would not know that the seat belt was extra special.

When you get into an accident, your crash sensing system will detect that a collision is taking place. As soon as the crash sensing system determines a collision is taking place, the seat belt will then inflate. This happens so fast it will feel almost instantaneous.

By inflating, the seat belt is spread out over a larger portion of the body. This helps to distribute the force from the accident over a wider area, which has the end result of reducing strain on the passenger's body. Overall, this should result in less trauma to the body.

#3:  Rollover Airbag System

Another safety feature to look for is a rollover airbag system. Different manufactures will have different names for this system. This type of system is dependent on rollover sensors that are located on the top of the vehicle. When these sensors are activated, they will deploy special airbags that are designed to protect one's head and neck, which are particularly vulnerable during a rollover accident. The airbags are also designed to stay inflated for a while, which is different than most other types of airbags, which are designed to deflate almost immediately. The longer inflation time helps protect passengers during a rollover, which generally takes place over several seconds.

#4: Programmable Key Systems

If you have a young driver in your home, you may want to consider a programmable key system. With a programmable key system, you can set up driving restrictions, such as top speed warnings and restrictions, sound system volume settings, and low-fuel warning. These restrictions can be used to encourage positive behavior in a young driver.

When looking for a new vehicle, you will want to look for a vehicle with adequate occupant safety features. Some examples of occupant safety features include knee airbags, inflatable safety belts, rollover airbag systems, and programmable key systems.

To learn more about safety features, visit a Honda or Ford dealer and ask about their features.

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