Used Trucks: Why You Should Consider More Than Price When Shopping

Go to nearly any auto dealer in your area, and you'll see a line of used trucks and cars for sale. When you're in the market for used trucks, it's easy to be lured into a sale by low prices because used trucks can still be pricy, and used cars, in general, are rising in price.

So, when buying used trucks, should you pay most attention to price or other things? While you should definitely make sure the used trucks you're looking at are priced accordingly, don't look at price alone when buying one. Here are the things you should be really paying attention to when considering used trucks so you get the best deal on your purchase overall.

Overall body condition

Used trucks, especially those used as work vehicles, can have a lot of wear and tear on them. When examining used trucks. expect some normal cosmetic wear and tear, but really watch out for dents and rust in the body of the truck. A truck should not have ample rust in its undercarriage and should have a solid frame free of homemade repairs. Don't forget the bed of a truck either: the bed should be free of holes or deep rust, and should have a liner still intact and a working tailgate.

Overall engine condition

How many miles used trucks have on them is one way to tell how decent the engine might be, but that's not all you should look for. You want to make sure everything under the hood is relatively sound and free of corrosion, warped or worn out cables and lines, and that there are no leaks going on in the engine, transmission, or brakes. The more miles a used truck has on it, the more wear and tear the major running components may have in them.

You don't have to be a mechanic to spot the more major signs of truck wear under the hood such as wires being held together with electrical tape and other issues. You can hire a mechanic to give any truck you're looking at thorough inspection before making a purchase, to be on the safe side.

Used trucks have used prices, but don't always assume a cheaper truck is a better bargain. When you compare the condition of used trucks to their prices, you have a better idea of what's a great purchase, and what you may want to pass on by even if it's cheaper than others in the lot.

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