A Lot Of Soft Spots In Your RV Floor? Two Things That Can Cause This

If you have an RV and you notice there are a lot of soft spots on the flooring, you need to get the RV repaired quickly. This is because these soft spots will only become worse and you could end up with holes in the flooring and even damage to the trailer. Below are two things that can cause these spots so you can get the RV repaired.

Water Leaks

If there is water leaking anywhere in the RV the water can get on the floor. Over time this water can cause soft spots to appear. A common area where there are water leaks is on the roof of your RV. Climb up on the roof and inspect it. You may see cracks in the roof, or you may see that the roof has been damaged. This could be due to a large tree branch falling on the roof or something else.

To repair cracks in the roof you can use a rubber roof sealer. You can purchase this at most home improvement stores or anywhere that sells RVs. The sealer will come with complete instructions on how to use it. If you notice a lot of damage to the roof you should have it repaired professionally. Talk with your insurance company first, however, as they may cover part of this damage. 

Water Supply Line

Another thing that can cause soft spots on the floor in your RV is leaky plumbing. One common plumbing problem is with the water supply line. The water supply line is what supplies water to the toilet, bath, sink, or shower. The line is made of a flexible material because it has to be able to bend. This is why these lines are generally made of plastic materials. 

Because the supply line bends a lot it can easily develop small holes or even break. This is especially true if your RV is older. If the supply were to break, then you would notice this. If there are only small holes in the line, however, the water would leak out slowly and you would not even notice. 

The best thing you can do is to take your RV to an RV repair shop. They can determine where the RV is leaking and repair the problem for you. While your RV is there this is a good time to have your RV maintained to ensure everything is working okay. 

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