5 Things You Should Know About Japanese Mini-Trucks

Japanese mini trucks can now be purchased in the United States. If you have never seen a mini truck or driven a mini truck before, it is natural to have questions about these vehicles. Japanese mini trucks have been driven around in Japan for decades and are just making their way over to the United States.

Thing #1: Japanese Mini Trucks Are Street Legal

They may be small, but Japanese mini trucks are completely street legal. You just need to register the truck with your state and get a license plate and insurance in order to legally drive the vehicle on public roads, just like any other vehicle. You don't need any special permit or permission to drive these a mini truck.

Thing #2: Japanese Mini Trucks Are Fast

Just because they are small doesn't mean they are not fast. You can drive a Japanese mini truck on the freeway just like you could any other vehicle. Their top speed tends to be around 100 mph, although that can vary from one manufacturer to the next. They are more than fast enough to drive on regular roads and freeways.

Thing #3: Japanese Mini Trucks Parts Are Accessible

If you purchase a Japanese mini truck, you are not going to have a problem getting parts to fix the truck up. Major automobile manufacturers, such as Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, and Subaru are some of the many manufacturers that make mini trucks, and where you can source parts for mini trucks.

There is also a wide array of secondary part manufacturers who make parts for mini trucks.

Thing #4: Japanese Mini Truck Have Cab Options

Most Japanese mini trucks are going to come with single cabs; after all, they are called mini trucks for a reason. However, there are some mini trucks that come with extended cabs, allowing you to carry more passengers.

Generally, though, an extended cab means you are going to give up storage space in the back.

Thing #5: Japanese Mini Trucks Can Carry a Lot of Weigh

Mini trucks are great for hauling around supplies and materials. They may not have as much storage space as a regular pickup truck, but they have enough storage space and can handle the weight that comes up with filling the bed of the truck.

Thing #6: Japanese Mini Trucks Get Good Gas Mileage

As you may expect from a small vehicle, mini trucks get great gas mileage. It is more like driving around an economy car than driving a pickup truck, making mini trucks a great vehicle for hauling around materials in a fuel-efficient manner.

Japanese mini trucks have been around in Japan for decades and are just making their way to the United States. They may be small, but they are street legal, fast enough to drive on the freeway, and they get good gas mileage. They can carry a lot of weight, and you shouldn't have a problem finding parts to fix them up.

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