Three Tips For Buying A Used Car For The Gig Economy

If you are looking to break into the gig economy by providing rideshare or delivery services, then you will need a dependable vehicle. For many, this means shopping for a used car that is both dependable and attractive. The following are a few things to keep in mind while shopping for your car.

Tip #1: Know The Vehicle Restrictions

Most gig workers find jobs through central processing companies, like Uber or Lyft. These companies sometimes place restrictions on the age and even the model of vehicles that can be used for certain gigs. Restrictions tend to be stricter for gigs like ridesharing, where customers will actually be in the vehicle, and less strict for those gigs that deal with product, such as food or document delivery. Before shopping, check with the companies you hope to work for and secure the most recent list of vehicle restrictions.

Tip #2: Check In With Financing And Insurance Options

Not all financing and insurance companies allow for gig work. If you aren't paying cash for your car, you need to verify that the finance company you choose allows you to finance the vehicle for business purposes. Further, you also need to make sure you can find an affordable insurance policy for the vehicle. Some insurance companies may require that you take out a business policy, while others may have specific policies available that are targeted to gig workers. Shop around financing and insurance companies before you begin to look at used cars so you have an idea on what you can afford for both car payments and insurance costs.

Tip #3: Fully Vet Every Vehicle You Are Considering

It's vital to be even more conscious of the condition and service record of a used car when you plan to use it to earn your wages. Begin by reading up on car reviews through consumer reporting sources before shopping for the car but after narrowing down your choices by using the above two tips. This will help provide you with a short list of makes, models, and years to look at. Once you find a car that looks promising, take it to an independent mechanic for a full inspection. You should also request any available service records from the dealership. The good news is that most cars that have been maintained will have service records on file thanks to modern reporting methods.

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