How To Safely Transport A Small Car On A Trailer

When you need to transport a small car, you will usually simply drive it to the intended destination. However, if you cannot drive the car for any reason, you'll need a trailer that you can load the car onto. It's also important to know the proper method of loading a car onto a trailer.

Prepare the Trailer

Park the trailer on flat ground before you attempt to load the car onto the trailer. The vehicle that will be used to tow the trailer needs to be put in park, and you'll need to activate the emergency brake. Place wheel chocks in front of each tire so that the trailer does not move forward as you place the car on the trailer.

Use the Right Ramp

The trailer ramp that you will use to drive your car into place needs to be heavy-duty so that it can support the weight of your car. Also, make sure that the ramps are parallel and secure before driving your car up them. Make sure that your car is perfectly lined up behind the trailer before driving it up the ramp. Drive very slowly. 

Position the Car Properly

The main part of the weight of the car needs to be distributed toward the center of the vehicle. If the car sits on the back of the truck, it will lift the back end of the trailer up and will create a hazard by creating stability issues. Typically, you will have the front end of the car facing forward. Fortunately, once you have your car properly positioned, tying the car down is very easy.

Use Tire Straps

Your car can be secured using tire straps if it is a modern vehicle. By attaching the straps to your car, you won't have to worry about damaging mechanical parts of your car. If your vehicle has very large tires, the tire straps might not fit.

The lasso strap needs to be wrapped around your front tire. Place the strap around your tire and pull the strap tight. The strap should be threaded through the ratchet strap. Hook the ratchet strap to the left D-ring. Then, ratchet the straps to tighten them. Double-check to make sure that the straps are secure. Repeat this with each of the wheels and then double-check to make sure that you haven't made any mistakes. With the proper precautions, you can safely transport your vehicle.

For help with finding the right trailer for your needs, contact a company that offers products like H and H trailers for sale in your area.

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